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Gene Simmons’ Dominatrix comic

January 4, 2008

Via Newsarama

NRAMA: Next, in August, you’re launching Dominatrix, a title you described as “T&A meets CIA.” You’re giving the world its first dominatrix superhero?

GS: Dominatrix came to me in a flash. Comic books, and pop culture in general, have always toyed around with the leather/rubber-bound heroine. It’s sexy and kickass. They always skirted the sexuality issue. I decided to meet it head-on (so to speak…). First, I wondered if Dominatrix (the title) was available as a trademark. Surprisingly, it was. Then, I took a semi-real dominatrix I know socially (not in that way) and after talking with her about the lifestyle, combined it with clandestine, Manchurian Candidate/Nick Fury-Hydra stuff… oh, yes, and pills. Special pills.

Who or what is THE COMPANY?

And, who are THEM?

And, what do they want?

More about all of this in the pages of Dominatrix.